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Alice in Zombieland - I have really enjoyed some different zombie series that I have read so far, and this is no exception. This book is action-packed, unique, and super romantic!Alice lives with her adorable baby sister, frustrating mother, and paranoid father. Her father is convinced that there are monsters lurking in the shadows, waiting to attack his family. No one else has seen them. After a horrific car accident takes the life of her family, Alice is left alone to switch schools and live with her estranged grandparents. At her new school, she meets the elusive Cole Holland, the gorgeous leader of a cryptic group, whose purpose is not known. With Cole, Alice solves the mysteries of the monsters living in the dark, watching her every move.Poor, poor Alice. She had to deal with a lot of rough crap that was thrown her way. I really did feel for her. In spite of what was launched at her, she dealt with it as best as she could. She was feisty, funny, and really cared for her family that died. She was kick-ass and needed to avenge their death. I really admired her strength and tenacity, but she sometimes didn’t handle certain situations in the best way. She most definitely has a stubborn side.Hot, hot Cole. He is so smokin’ hot, and fiercely protective of Alice. He is a total bad-ass and is very skilled at killing zombies. Despite his initial coldness towards Alice, he will not let anything happen to her. It’s adorable. I love when bad boys have a sweet, adorable side. sigh… Cole is just down-right amazing. He really understands Alice and her determined mindset.Kat, Alice’s best friend, was one of my favorite characters. She is funny, loud, and exactly what kind of friend Alice needs after her family’s death. But, do not let her looks and personality fool you. She is a really in depth character. Frosty, Cole’s right-hand man and Kat’s ex, is lovable and sweet, unlike his name. Alice’s grandparents are a cool breath of fresh air in an otherwise serious story. They are clearly not technologically saavy, and mix up some 21st century sayings. Despite their negative feelings toward her fathers, they unconditionally care about Alice, evident in the standard ask-the-boyfriend-embarrassing-questions routine. Definitely one of my favorite scenes.The way Gena portrayed the zombies is unlike any other books I have read. It is really unique and interesting. The plot was very fast moving, jumping into the action right from the first chapter. The writing is witty and very relatable. I love the steamy romance between Alice and Cole. It is definitely hot insta-attraction, because the first time they looked at each other, they envisioned themselves making out. Clearly, that took them by surprise. Cole definitely has his swoon-worthy moments, and he defends Ali against all costs.As I am writing this review, I really want to re-read this book. In fact, I probably will. I really recommend this book for pretty much anyone. I absolutely loved it! I will be patiently anticipating the next book, Through the Zombie Glass.Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: This was consuming…drugging. He made me feel, without any kind of filter. For so long I’d wanted my life to be nothing more than a dream. Now, with emotions and sensations flooding me, I wanted this reality. And I wanted to stay in the safety and intensity of his arms. I wanted to give him everything. Here, now. Want, want, want.Rating: 4.5/5 Tar Heels!