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Crash - Nicole  Williams I stumbled upon this book, and then I started it and I literally couldn’t stop. This is hands down one of my favorite contemporary series to date, and the star of it was Jude Ryder, my new love.Lucy begins a whole new school, which is really stressful enough without Jude Ryder, resident bad boy, paying attention to her. Lucy finds out she can’t stay away from Jude, and Jude finds out that she is getting to him in a way no girl ever had. Jude has a horrible life, but he knows that Lucy is the one thing that makes it worthwhile. When they inevitably finally giving in, obstacle after obstacle keep getting in their way. Can Lucy and Jude overcome every challenge, or are they not meant to be?I liked Lucy a lot. She’s a dancer and very focused on her dreams in life. She doesn’t care what people think of her, which is pretty much a requisite for dating Jude. She’s sweet and caring and genuinely loves Jude. But she really irked me sometimes. She swears that she trusts Jude but in actuality she really doesn’t. She is really insecure that she isn’t enough for Jude, but she has no grounds for feeling that way. Jude has never given her a reason to think that. Oh well.The highlight of the whole damn book…Jude Ryder. He has had a horrific childhood, and both of his parents made some seriously wrong choices that still affect him today. He’s absolutely crazy and makes some rash decisions, not caring who or what he harms. But inside, he’s just lost and needs someone to find him. He’s protective and loves Lucy will all his heart. His dedication to always make her happy is so adorable, and I love how he changed for her, knowing she deserves the best. I really could go on and on about Jude, but I think ya get the point. He’s amazing.I thought Lucy’s dad was a nice guy, and I eventually warmed up to her mom. Though at first I wanted to strangle her. I really do feel for what their family went through. Sawyer Diamond, a guy at their high school, comes with his own unique form of douchebaggery. I don’t like you and your sweet-talkin’ ways. Nope nope nope.The plot in Crash is a rollercoaster. High highs and low lows pretty much describe the book, and I was completely hypnotized. Williams is a lovely writer. She most certainly knows how to write a super sexy scene. :) I loved how the romance developed. I totally adore the scene where they first met, and everything after that was perfect too. They switch between fighting and loving each other, and Jude and Lucy will never have it easy but their love will always prevail.Even though I’ve finished the series, I will forever need more Jude dude! Ah, he’s irresistible.Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: His jaw tensed as his arms wound around me. “Damn it, kiss me, Luce.” So I did, and the moment my lips touched his, that ache I’d felt all the way to my bones the past week evaporated. Just like that. Pressing into me, Jude lowered my back to the ground, his mouth never leaving mine. His weight rested over mine, grounding me, keeping me from falling apart. This only made me kiss him harder. “Shit, Luce,” he breathed, when my hands slid up his shirt, gripping into his back.Rating: 5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)