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Hooked - Liz Fichera This book was received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This was my first book that I got accepted for on Netgalley, so it will always hold a place in my heart. I was so stoked, because this was a book I had heard great things about it! It definitely lived up to all the hype.Fred Oday, one of five Native American students at a public high school, joins the all boy golf team and chaos ensues. Already being different in her school, joining the team puts her in the spotlight even more and not in a positive light. Ryan Berenger and the rest of the team is less than welcoming to say the least, especially since his best friend was kicked off the team to welcome Fred. Despite all their differences, Fred and Ryan begin to fall for each other, but will their circumstances get in the way?I adored Fred very much. She was strong-willed and very kind. Even though she was picked on a lot, she stuck through it and put on a strong face. She cared a lot for her family, despite her mother’s craziness at times, and she had one of the best relationships with her father that I’ve ever seen. No matter how many people told her no, she always found a way to say yes. She had a goal, and no matter what, she would find a way to achieve it. I probably loved her tenacity the most!Golden boy is exactly the way to describe Ryan. Gorgeous, smart, athletic…what more could you want from a guy? Although at first he was a jerk, when he got to know Fred, he changed drastically. He grew up in a completely different world than Fred, and that definitely showed. He grew to become really sweet, and I kinda loved him for that. I thought it was wonderful how he went above and beyond to help Fred when she needed it the most.Fred’s dad was always so supportive of her dreams and encouraged her to be the best she could be. I also really liked Ryan’s mother. Riley, Ryan’s baby sister, was really encouraging of their relationship, even though most weren’t. Sam, Fred’s friend, was a rock to her when everything was going wrong. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same love for Fred’s mom and Ryan’s dad. I loathed Seth! He had no backbone whatsoever, and even despite his horrible circumstances, I couldn’t find myself feeling bad for him.The plot was beyond unique. I loved the Native-American aspect; it was really refreshing and great. I also learned so much about golf that I never knew before, and now I want to learn to play! But, I mean, I’d never be as good as Fred…that girl has got a mean swing. The writing was in a dual narrative, with each chapter alternating between Ryan and Fred. I thought that this was helpful to get both perspectives, especially when they were not together. The romance was developed quite sweetly. I loved their thoughts when they began to fall for each other…so cute. But I did feel that when they fought, things could have easily been solved with a bit of communication, the key to success. It frustrated me that all they had to do was talk, not assume things, to get through the rough patches. Despite this, I loved all the moments between them.I will absolutely be picking up Riley and Sam’s story, Played, which releases in 2014. This was a great contemporary read, and I look forward to more of Liz’s books!Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: “Fred.” My voice cracked from too much silence. But Fred didn’t answer. Instead, she turned her face upwards to meet mine. The tips of our noses brushed against each other. Hers was warm and soft. Like her hair. Like everything about her. I took a chance and lowered my mouth to hers and felt the tips of her lips. She didn’t pull away. Then I very gently pressed my lips against hers. Soft and curious at first. Then, I pressed harder. When Fred kissed me back, my universe cracked open.Rating: 4/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)