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Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout After reading other reviews of Deity, I suspected I would love it. And of course I did. Deity had the best of everything I could ever want in a book: amazing plot, an air of mystery, and a super sexy romance!Deity starts about a week after the shocking events at the Catskills Covenant in New York. Alex is still recovering from facing the Furies, and she is avoiding basically everyone she knows by holing herself in her room. Seth is continuing her training, both mentally and physically, and Aiden is her crutch through all of her trials and tribulations. But after a horribly shocking change of events and supposed allies, Alex is found in the crosshairs of a battle between gods, the Hematoi, and mere innocent mortals. As if this is not enough to handle, every day she is one step closer to her Awakening, which will turn Seth into a god-killer. How can she know who she can trust?One might think, even after three books, that I would tire of Alex’s badassness and snarkiness. Well, absolutely not. Alex is equally as amazing as in the past books, but her attitude and personality show effects of everything she has been through. She tries to handle the craziness of her inner emotions by herself because she thinks that doing otherwise would show weakness. Well she obviously just needs someone to understand what she’s going through without her explicitly saying.Enter Aiden. They mesh so well together it is as if they are one soul divided into two bodies. Aiden understands Alex much better than anyone, even Alex, does. It’s like his brain is automatically tuned to Alex. In this book, I felt the love he feels for her resonating off of every page. I feel bad for doubting Aiden’s feelings for even one tiny second because I absolutely adore Aiden!Seth. Seth Seth Seth. All I can say is that I think you are redeemable. I cling to that hope. LEON! I love him. Seriously. So much. Well-played JLA. Well-played. Surprisingly, I hate Lucian but love Marcus! Who knew that this day would come? Deacon is still a favorite love of mine. He is so dang precious.So. About the romance. AMAZING! Honestly, this is one of my favorite YA romances ever. I adore the mythology so much as well, and I super love the newfound emergence of gods in this book! Every plot curve ball that was thrown at me kept me reading to the end and scrambling to find Elixir, the novella in Aiden’s (I know. Swoon. Right?) POV. It slightly satiated the need for Apollyon. But only slightly. I still want it so bad!While I wait as patiently as I can for April 9th, I’m going to reread the Lux series by Jennifer. If you love JLA and want a surprising take on aliens, I’d highly recommend doing the same.It was very hard to find my favorite quote because there are so many that will make you swoon, but I did the best I could! Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: His hands moved down my arms to my hips. He tugged me forward, and the softest part of me pressed against his hardness. Our mouths didn’t touch, but the rest of our bodies did. Neither of us moved. There was something primal in Aiden’s gave, wholly possessive. I shivered – the good kind of shiver. All I could think about was how good, how right his body felt pressed against mine. I cupped his face and then slid my fingers through his hair, amazed that the intensity of what I was feeling was strong than any bond with Seth. Delicious sensation rolled through me as his hands tightened around my hips, and when he rocked against me, the way his hands trembled and the powerful way his body coiled completely undid me.There are way more! ;)Rating: 5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)