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Real - Katy Evans As soon as this came out, I knew it would be a book I loved. I absolutely adore protective alpha males, and Remy was a perfect embodiment of it. I fiercely want my own Remy.After a career ending injury in the Olympic trials, Brooke has taken all her sports knowledge and become a sports physical therapist. After meeting Remington Tate at an underground boxing match, Brooke is beyond intrigued with him. He exudes confidence and sexiness, so when Remy asks her to be his personal physical therapist, she can’t say yes fast enough. Being with him 24/7 certainly has its advantages, and Brooke and Remy seem to have an undeniable connection. But something seems to be holding Remy back. Will it prevent Brooke from becoming Remy’s real?I really liked Brooke. She’s sweet and I hate what she went through with the Olympics. She has strong skin, and I love that she uses what she experienced to help others. It’s pretty great. She puts everyone else’s needs above her, even at the cost of hurting her. She unknowingly gave Remy the greatest gift she could ever give: her love.Ah Remington Tate. He is completely sexy and a total alpha male. He makes it work though, and I didn’t feel once that he was overbearing. He’s a kick-ass fighter, and that makes him even more attractive, if that’s even possible. He is a total sweetheart in every way. He’s uber protective of Brooke and it’s so adorable. He has grown up with absolutely no love in his life from his parents, and he basically has never had any friends. I felt so bad for him, but I was so proud that he was able to let Brooke in.Each person in Remington’s team was really unique. They all kinda mesh together in a way that works. Pete, Riley, Diane, and Coach were all so sweet, and I love how they would do anything for Remy. Melanie, Brooke’s best friend was definitely a handful, and I’m pretty sure that she gets her own book. That definitely should be interesting.The plot was amazing. I read this is one sitting and I literally couldn’t stop. As a medicine major, I totally loved the aspect of the physical therapy, and I liked learning about the underground boxing thing. Even though I would call this a New Adult read, it is reallllyyyy new adult. Remy and Brooke have an unreal connection, and my goodness I had to fan myself multiple times. The sex scenes in Real are so damn hot and they had such amazing chemistry from the start. It was like a slow burn from the beginning and it eventually ignited into a giant flame, and I loved every second of it.Mine cannot release any sooner, and I am beyond psyched to get Remy’s POV. It’ll be interesting to get inside his pretty little head, but oh it’ll be worth the wait. :)Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: He cups my jaw and puts his lips on mine with such gentleness that all my cells seem to fuse with his. I moan and part my lips, sliding my hands into his hair, feeling a little crazy as I push my breasts up to his chest. Suddenly I want his hands on me, I wand his tongue all over me. When he brushed it, slick and hot, against mine, I feel like I vanquished the impossible. Trembling, I clutch his face, kissing him harder.Rating: 5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)