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Redesigned - Denise Grover Swank As soon as I read the synopsis, I knew I wanted to be on the blog tour. I heart me some nerdy guys, and Reed fit the bill perfectly!Caroline is a fashion design major, and she’s come a long way from where she grew up. She constantly tries to forget her past, and when she meets Reed Pendergraft, her perfectly constructed life becomes a complete mess. Reed is her absolute opposite, and when he is assigned to be chairman of the fashion show committee, they are forced to be together all the time, butting heads. She soon realizes that he is more than she pegged him for, and maybe she realizes he’s all she’s ever needed.Caroline was a really interesting character to read about. I completely understood her reserves about wanting to have a comfortable life. I am SO GLAD she finally realized money isn’t everything, but it was still kind of hard to understand her thoughts before she had her epiphany. She was definitely feisty and gave Reed a tough time when he was being a jerk. She was so kind to the adorable little kids in her fashion show because she knew what they went through.Reed, my new adorkable love, really is like a sex panther in bed. I don’t have really any other way to describe it. When I first started reading, I was totally shocked by Reed and his snarky, sexy side. Oh goodness he was amazing when he was being bossy and all. At first, he was a jerk face to Caroline, but it was just a defense mechanism. He eventually showed his sweet side, and I really loved sweet Reed.I totally loved that Scarlett and Tucker, from After Math the first book, made appearance. Tucker was definitely overprotective of Caroline since she’s Scarlett’s best friend, and it was funny how he threatened to beat up anyone who hurt her, and he maybe came through on that promise. Possibly. Lexi, Reed’s sister, was so nice and bubbly all the time, despite all she’s been through. Tina, their mutual friend, is still annoying.I appreciated the way Swank involved the charities and foundations dealing with children who don’t have a lot. I liked how Caroline dealt with the cute kids to make sure they had a great day. The romance was so amazing. I am such a sucker for hate turned to lust turned to love stories. Why? I have no idea, but keep ‘em coming. They had some serious sexy scenes, but also some really sweet scenes. Yay for nerdy boys!There is a third book coming out in the series, and I am so curious as to whose story it will be. Lexi’s perhaps? I hope so. :)Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: A low growl escapes into my mouth, and his tongue follows it. His arms wrap around my back and pull me to his chest, crushing my hand between us as he takes control. His mouth is punishing as he claims mine. Simmering anger ignites my desire, a strange mixture of hate and lust. The concoction makes me so hot I want to strip off my clothes. And strip off his. I want to see what’s under his shirt. I want to feel his skin under my fingertips.Rating: 4.5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)