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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead After the agonizing wait for this book, I read it in one sitting, putting aside all homework and important things to read it. Every book in this series (see my review of book 1 and book 2) gets better and better, and this was such an amazing installment. I am sure this will be on my favorite books of 2013 list!After a moment that makes Sydney questioning every single thing that she has been taught by the Alchemists, a moment she can’t get out of her head, she throws herself into finding about the elusive Marcus Finch. He’s a former Alchemist who has escaped the system, and he enlightens her about the inconsistencies within the Alchemist world. Meanwhile, a rogue witch is pursuing young, strong witches like Sydney herself. Together with Adrian, the infuriating vampire who Sydney can’t seem to stop thinking about, she accepts her enchanted blood and tries her best to protect her new family, young witches, and herself.Sydney’s development since Bloodlines is awe-inspiring. I can’t imagine having something deeply ingrained in your brain and your life and that something turned out to be wrong. The confusion I felt from Sydney has always been palpable, but it definitely diminishes with each book. She really steps up in this book, both physically and emotionally. She will never be Rose Hathaway, and I definitely don’t want her to be, but do not underestimate her strength. She has an instinct to protect people and the means to defend herself. She starts embracing who she really is, and I was beyond happy to see that.Adrian is flat-out, hands down wonderful. He’s no longer the man whose hands won’t do manual work, and he’s become the man who will do anything for Sydney. No matter how obscure the task, Adrian rises up to the challenge. He is protective, but he also realizes Sydney’s strength and trusts her to do what’s best. I am forever more impressed by Adrian, and although he is more mature, he still contains his ability to spout off lovely, witty comments that I’ll never tire of.Marcus Finch was definitely not what I expected. I thought he was a formidable force to be reckoned with, but I was thoroughly surprised by Marcus’s hand-off approach concerning the Alchemists. I thought he would be all for action, but he really wasn’t. Oh well. As I’ve said before, Jill is still a little girl, but she does grow wiser with each book. She had some unexpected good advice for Sydney that I never would have guessed Jill would be capable of. Eddie is always there for Sydney when she needs him, and he’s a constant support.I’ll never tire of the plot twists that Mead throws at her readers. It was unpredictable, and that ending opens a whole new can of worms for book 4. Stunning as always, the writing flows with an ease that cannot be rivaled. She certainly knows how to write a steamy scene. And trust me, there are plenty of those. ;) The romance is perfect, perfect, perfect. Sydney and Adrian are always making new memories together. I will forever laugh at Alpha Yam Ergo (so funny!), and I love Hopper and the pie scenes. AND spirit dreams are back! O how I missed thee. They are each other’s flame in the dark, and the understanding they have for each other is unparalleled. Seriously, these two make me so happy.The road ahead of Sydney and Adrian will be hard, but they’ll always have each other. Who is SO STOKED for Adrian’s POV in The Fiery Heart? *raises hand* Me! Me! Me! I can’t wait for more of Hopper, the Ivashkinator, and Syndrian!Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: And somehow, against all reason, we were kissing. I closed my eyes, and the world around me faded. The noise, the smoke…it was all gone. All that mattered was the taste of his mouth, a mix of cloves and mints. There was a fierceness in his kiss, a desperation…and I answered, just as hungry for him. I didn’t stop him when he pulled me closer, so that I almost sat on him lap. I’d never been wrapped around someone’s body like that, and I was shocked at how eagerly mine responded. His arm went around my waist, pulling me onto him further, and his other hand slid up the back of my neck, getting entangled in my hair.Rating: 5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)