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Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I pretty much always love new adult books, but I love ‘em even more when they deal with deeper subjects, and this one was forgiveness, giving it and earning it.Charlotte is still reeling from the events that happened two years ago, when her and her best friend Lexie were in a drunken car accident with two brothers that left her best friend with a traumatic brain injury. She is now in college, trying to be normal, but that is all shot to nothing when brothers Zan and Zack show up unexpected. Zan, the brother who was driving, is quiet and brooding and can’t seem to stay away from Lottie. Can Lottie forgive the guy who ruined her whole life?Lottie was a really interesting girl. At the beginning, she was just so angry. Angry at Zan, Zack, and everything that had to do with them. I, of course, didn’t blame her. She also is not afraid to speak her mind over anything at all. She is a beyond loyal friend, always going to visit Lexie. I love her relationship with her twin brother Will and their very special twindar. Perhaps my favorite thing about Lottie was her capacity to forgive. Seriously—it’s awe-inspiring.Zan starts the story out lusting over Lottie, a girl he never ever thinks he could get. It is beyond adorable to hear his thoughts about Lottie. He has been through so much after the accident, trying to erase what happened that night with really unhealthy habits. After he finally got help, he turned into the sweetest guy ever. He seems to unexpectedly always be there when Lottie needs him, and he certainly has a way with words. :)The large supporting cast was wonderful as well. I loved Will, Lottie’s twin, and also Trish and Audrey, her friends. I loathed Zack, who was Zan’s twin. He was mean, always drunk, and a horrible boyfriend to Katie, Lottie’s roommate. Ugh ugh ugh. He got exactly what he deserved. At first, I thought Katie was a stuck up girl, but then I really warmed up to her. She gets her own book next with Stryker, Zan’s genius friend who’s a diamond in the rough. I’m so excited for that one!I felt the plot was really original. I mean, how could a love story happen between a girl and the boy who wrecked her entire life. But oh Cameron made it happen, and she made it happen wonderfully. It makes me really think about hurt and pain, but also how forgiveness can be possible for everyone. The writing was great because we had dual POV! Which is basically the greatest thing ever. Forgiveness is basically what drives the romance. At first, Lottie really hated Zan with a deep passion, which I totally got. I liked when she finally opened up to him, and they had cute and special times together that helped them both heal from all the pain they’ve been through.Sometimes I love fun and light books, and sometime I love deeper books, and this was a great example. I will definitely be looking out for whatever Cameron writes next.Normally I put my favorite swoon-worthy quote here, and don’t get me wrong, there were a lot, but I have better overall favorite quote for y’all:Lottie: “I swear to God, if I kiss you, and something bad happens, that’s it. And not something like a papercut or getting my period early. Something like falling down the stairs, or getting robbed. Anything happening to Lexie. Got it?”Zan: “If the sky starts to fall, I’ll catch it for you, pretty girl.”…I pulled away from her lips and kissed her nose. “Let the sky fall,” I said. “It’s worth it for something like that.”Rating: 4/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)