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Blood and Snow: The Complete Set - RaShelle Workman A review copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.My suitemate had recommended this series to me, so when I saw the blog tour, I jumped at the chance to sign up. I was intrigued with the whole novella aspect, and I ended up really enjoying the series.Snow White is Marked by the Vampire Queen so she can take over a new body, and by the time she turns 16, she is bitten by a Hunter, becoming a revenant, a mix of human and vampire. Snow may think she is a regular revenant, but she has it in her to defeat the awful Vampire Queen. Along with Professor Pops and his seven adoptive sons, they attempt to destroy the Vampire Queen all while trying to control Snow’s bloodlust, which grows stronger every day. Can Snow, along with her 7 handsome men, make peace between all magical creatures?Snow was a really likeable character. She’s fiercely devoted to all her friends, and when she does something, she does it with all she has in her. She’s very enthusiastic, to say the least. But Snow, especially in the beginning, is a bit naïve about the way she handles tough situations, but it’s only because of her passionate nature.Here is the part where I talk about the hero, the love interest. But in this case, there were three, which I get because they are 12 novellas. I most certainly had my favorite, but I won’t name names when describing them. You gotta be surprised! One is sweet at first, but there was always something off about him. One love interest I was leery about the whole dang book. I caught up even before Snow did. My favorite man was always there for Snow and just loved her unconditionally like it was his dang job or something. Swooooonnnnn.