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Manipulation - Jolene Perry After reading Insight (see review here), I was itching for some more understanding into the Middle Men, their motives, and the reason behind the talents. Jolene definitely delivered!Addison and Dean may come from very different parts of towns, but they have the same exact talent. They can force others to do what they want with just a single touch. Addison is from the wealthy part of NYC, while Dean is a foster kid living in a small apartment. When they are forced to meet at a court mandated life skills class, they realize they have much more in common than ever thought possible. Addison suspects that the people her father works with are collecting people with talents, Dean and Addison together must find a way to survive on the run.At first glance, Addison is a spoiled brat who cares more about appearances than what is on the inside. But that’s not Addison at all. She cared so much for her little sister and would do anything for her. She’s very beautiful and definitely has a lot of spunk in her. She has her ways of getting exactly what she wants, and she can be very cunning. She is selfless, as evident in the great decisions she made that could have been detrimental to her.I love Dean so much. He is gorgeous and kind and has had a hard lot in life. Ever since he was separated from his brother after they were placed into foster care, he never gave up looking for him. He also protected Addie from all the bad buys trying to get them. So adorable.I horribly dislike Addison’s mother and father, although her father redeemed himself a bit at the end. They were pretentious and annoying. Ellie, Addison’s sister was totally cute and nice, just like Dean’s brother. Katy, Dean’s best friend, was really quirky but cool at the same time, and she definitely had Dean’s back. One of the best parts of this book was being able to see Landon and Micah again. I definitely missed his laid-back attitude and her gift!The plot had everything that I found lacking in Insight. I was captivated and totally excited to read on and solve the mysteries. (Yes plural!) We still don’t know everything about the purpose of the Middle Men, and I am psyched to find out more! I love Jolene’s writing, especially since we got to experience both Addison and Dean’s POV, whereas we only got Micah’s side in Insight. I can’t figure out what romance I love more. Dean and Addison had some smoking chemistry, and I loved how they had the same talents. With their gifts, they can basically talk to each other, just while holding hands. I love they way they connect perfectly.I am super excited for Seeker, the final book in the trilogy. A new girl, a new boy, the resolution to the mystery…can’t wait!Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: We’re so close to the same height that it’s easy. He leans toward me. I lean toward him. Our arms are still at our sides, neither of us willing to taint the moment our lips touch. His breath breezes against my face. I inhale and our lips touch – like I pulled him to me with my breath. It’s soft but sharp, like heat that shoots through me. My need and his need mix together and pull us closer, closer. I don’t know how we got here, but as much of our bodies as possible are pressed together. His hands are on my face, in my hair. My arms are so tight around him I can barely breathe within our closeness, but I love it.Rating: 4/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)