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Breaking Waves - Danielle Sibarium This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.Some series suffer from sophomore syndrome, but this installment absolutely did not! It was equally as engaging, and I loved every bit of it.Jenna had always predicted that Reece would break her heart, and yet, she let Reece get close to her. So when he does, she is absolutely heartbroken and devastated. Without Reece, the person who knew her the best, no one else understands her and her grief. She feels herself just going through the motions of every day and not really living. When she needs help the most, she turns to Tyler, Reece’s greatest enemy. Since Reece broke her heart, can Tyler make it whole again?I felt immensely bad for Jenna in this book. She really went through a horrible time, and I felt her grieving strongly. I was so impressed that she didn’t let herself completely shut down. As much as she was anguished, she tried her hardest to move on. I think she matured even more in this episode, and my love for Jenna definitely grew a lot.Tyler, my new man! He was a total sweetheart and really took care of Jenna when Reece broke her heart. He was attentive, and even let Jenna take him to Zumba class! Oh, that was definitely one of my favorite scenes. He is also very, very good-looking. I still really have no idea why there is so much bad blood between him and Reece. As much as I adore Tyler now, I think he is hiding things from Jenna, and I can’t help but think he may be a bit shady.Reece was absent for really most of the book. When he was there, he was really sweet, but definitely vague. It’s really hard to explain, but after he broke Jenna’s heart, he broke mine too. I will have a tough time forgiving him in book 3. I think both him and Tyler have hidden agendas, and I am not sure who is keeping Jenna in his best interests.Jenna’s parents were so good to her. They let her have her own space when she craved it but pushed her to get out when she needed to. Mike, her previous tormentor, showed a much softer side when trying to make Jenna feel better. Grace didn’t really understand what Jenna was going through, but she attempted to console her. I still don’t like her as much as I usually love best friends. I just don’t think she gets Jenna.Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, I found out quickly that I was dead wrong. Danielle throws the greatest curveball that I could never have expected. This plot made me cry like a baby but also laugh like an idiot. There were heartbreaking scenes, but there were also scenes like the Zumba scene. Dragging a beyond hot guy to a dance class with many drooling girls and a jealous Jenna makes for a very good laugh. The romance was a lot different in this book. Jenna still clearly cared for Reece, and she always will. But she also opened her heart to Tyler. They are really different boys, and they both care for Jenna a lot. As for which team I am on, I couldn’t tell you. Ask me after book 3! :)This installment had me on both of the extreme sides of the emotional scale. I want book 3 so bad right now! Gimme, gimme, gimme!Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: I didn't make a move, but watched him intently as he dipped his head down for another long delicious kiss. "I've wanted to kiss you for a long time," he said breaking away. "And now, I don't want to stop." "Then don't." I stood on my toes, ready to meet him so he could know in no uncertain terms I wanted it too. His hands circled my waist, and rested on my backside, his thumbs tucked into my waist band, rubbing my skin, lighting a fire within me.Rating: 4/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)