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Desires of the Dead (Body Finder, #2) - Kimberly Derting After reading The Body Finder (see review HERE), I was absolutely sucked into this totally original series, starring a girl who can sense when a murdered animal or person is nearby. This second book certainly did not disappoint!After the traumatic events of the first book, Violet is craving normalcy in her life. This desire is shot down because, after finding a body in the big city of Seattle, the FBI comes searching for her. Sara Priest, the FBI agent, has a special interest in her special ‘gift’. Violet also has to find out who is following her, leaving her strange messages and ‘presents’, and the story behind Jay’s new friend, Mike. Meanwhile, Violet keeps major secrets from Jay that could potentially put her in danger, which strains their relationship. To say the least, Violet has a lot on her plate.Violet is the same strong heroine as the last book. She is infuriatingly stubborn and should not keep all these horrible secrets to herself, especially when she has an amazing boyfriend who wants to keep her safe. But, alas, she does not tell anyone (to being with). Her unwillingness to inform other people in order to keep them safe makes her real and easy to relate with. I still love her and her craziness.Jay is as sweet as ever! He’s willing to do anything for Violet and loves her even though she keeps secrets. I love Violet’s group of friends; they have an interesting dynamic, but my favorite is definitely Chelsea! Violet’s parents are understanding and supportive of anything that she does. I love the interaction when Violet and Jay are having ‘homework’ time and Uncle Stephen interrupts them!I like the writing, how she can make the situation seem creepy really easily, without much effort. My sister made me cuddle her when she was reading the first book…it’s very suspenseful and eerie/spine-chilling/disturbing. I adore the romance so much! It is refreshing to have two best friends fall in love…none of that insta-love stuff. No matter how many girls throw themselves at Jay, he is completely loyal to and in love with Violet. They have some rough patches, but their love overshined any problems.I’ve only heard raving reviews for the 3rd book, The Last Echo, so I’m super excited to read it!Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: He pulled her against him, until they were lying face-to-face, stretched across the length of the couch. It wasn’t long before she was restless, her hands moving impatiently, exploring him. She shuddered when she felt his fingers slip beneath her shirt and brush over her bare skin.Rating: 4.5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)