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Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase Also, here's my review!A review copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.I am a gigantic fan of the Princess Diaries, and that is what I was reminded of while reading the synopsis. I was immediately hooked and knew I had to have it, and I was so luck to get on the blog tour. I was definitely not disappointed by this amazing book. It had everything I love: a strong girl, sexy man, and a swoony romance!Samantha’s life is thoroughly uprooted when she learns that she is an heir to an estate in a foreign country, which comes with a whole new set of responsibilities and problems. As if learning this is not enough, she has an instant connection to the crown prince of Lilaria. With her father really sick, can she really leave him to go to Lilaria? And if she succumbs to Alex’s charm, could she really run a country?Samantha really was a wonderful heroine. She is just a regular girl trying to get through graduate school and life itself. She’s the most down to earth girl, and even inheriting a huge estate and a lot of money did not change that. She never cared about titles and whatnot and wanted to see people for who they are despite their title. She always thought of what was best for her ailing father. She is also very feisty and never backs down and always speaks her mind.Alex, also known as Prince Yummy, was so amazing. He’s so caring and sweet, but he also has his bad boy ways. He excels in chivalry, flirtation, adorableness, and protectiveness. Basically a perfect man. AND he has a sexy accent. I swoon hard over Alex. I love how he treats his family and Sam.Jess, Sam’s best friend, was so freaking hilarious. She was the one who originally dubbed Alex Prince Yummy. I loved every scene she was in. Chadwick, Sam’s personal assistant, was such a great friend. I hated what Sam’s dad was going through but he was so supportive of Sam. What an awesome dad. Cathy, Alex’s sister was one of my favorite characters. I’m so stoked she’s getting her own book! Woohoo!I completely adored the plot. It’s kinda every girls dream to find out they are royalty, so I just had the best time reading the story. I appreciated everything about the story and the plotline. It was just great. I loved being in Sam’s head, and it was so interesting to hear her inner dialogue of the conflicts of all the decisions she has to make. I felt for her, but she made all the right decisions. Now for the romance. Alex and Sam are clearly attracted to each other right from the start, but it progresses wonderfully. It was not rushed at all, and I loved when Sam let go of all her reservations about being with a prince. I mean, he’s a prince. I’d have no reservations. :)This NA book is seriously top-notch. I literally can’t find anything bad about it. Well done Mrs. Chase. Well done.Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: One of his hands moved to cup my cheek, tilting my face upward. Our eyes stayed locked until his warm lips touched mine. It started out slow and tender, our breaths mingling while we touched with feather light brushes. I was putty in his hands, my body no longer under my command. I ran my hands over his chest, tracing the muscles I had caught hints of through his shirt. Eventually I tangled my fingers in his hair.Rating: 4.5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)