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After Math - Denise Grover Swank After being scheduled for the blog tour for the second book in the series, Redesigned, I realized I hadn’t read the first…so I got right on that. And I’m sure glad I did. New adult for the win again!Scarlett is an introverted math major with a slim amount of friends and no social skills. And she much prefers it that way. When she is forced to tutor Tucker, the schools resident soccer player and playa, she realizes that he is not the same guy that everyone thinks he is. Inside he is very lonely and tortured, and Scarlett recognizes a kindred spirit in Tucker. But will all of his lies and secrets push Scarlett away for good, or will they survive all the impeding destruction?Scarlett, despite her shyness and awkwardness, is internally strong. She may not seem like it, but she’s been through some really rough patches and I admire her tenacity. She’s beyond smart and very driven and knows exactly what she wants. I thought she would shy away from any kind of relationship and get scared, but she really held her own with Tucker and it was nice to see.Tucker is a pretty misunderstood guy. During their first few meetings, I caught a glimpse of the inner Tucker, the one he keeps hidden from everyone else. And I loved it. But what I didn’t like was when he kept reverting back to his bad boy ways, but I understood why. I didn’t like how he kept crucial secrets from Scarlett, when I thought he could have easily told her.Caroline, Scarlett’s best friend, was very wary of Tucker at first because of his previous ways. She was like an angry guard dog watching the front door every time he came home so he didn’t take advantage of her BFF. It was admirable.I wished there was a bit more of a plot other than the trials and tribulations of their relationship. Something outside of the two of them, ya know? But alas, it didn’t take much away from my enjoyment of the book as a whole. I also did wish that we got some Tucker POV for my enjoyment, but that’s just me being selfish. The romance was special because they went through their whole life not connecting with anyone, and then BAM! They meet. Epic connection ensues. Smexy sparks fly. But who knew the university bad boy was such a sweetheart?I’ve read Caroline’s story already, and I liked it even more than this one. It’s got a very sexy math major nerd who sure was experienced in other…subjects. ;)Favorite Swoon-worthy Quotes: His lips find mine, tentative at first, as though he took my words to heart and he’s afraid I’ll shatter if he’s not gentle. His tongue works slow magic on my lips before discovering the inside of my mouth. He’s slow and tender, coaxing my tongue to join his. My stomach tingles, and an ache deep inside my abdomen catches me by surprise. I release a tiny gasp, and Tucker wraps an arm around my back, pressing my to his chest.Rating: 4/5 Ravens!