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Awry - Chelsea Fine Okay, leading up to the release of Avow, the final book, I felt that it was a moral obligation to tell my readers about the Archers of Avalon series and how amazing it is. SO, read my review of Anew HERE and try to tell me otherwise… I’m waiting… AH-HA! I knew you’d think it sounded super awesome!Awry starts right off where Anew ended. After dying (?!?!), Scarlet immediately comes back to life, which means the curse is changing. Gabriel and Scarlet are having relationship problems, to say the least… they are not ‘on fire’. But Scarlet is on fire when she’s around Tristan, the brother she may be forbidden to touch, but also the brother she wants to touch all the time! They, along with Heather, Scarlet’s awesome BFF, must find the Fountain of Youth and defeat the elusive enemy before someone dies and lives are ruined forever.Scarlet, an amazing heroine, did not disappoint in this second installment. She is always willing to put aside her own needs and desires in order to help other people. She still suffers from amnesia, but she deals with it impressively. Not knowing your past may paralyze some from moving on with the future, but Scarlet does not let it deter her from her mission.Tristan is the embodiment of hotness. And sweetness. Scarlet and him have the same problem: they always want to help each other at the detriment of themselves. They are both so dang stubbon! It’s adorable. J Tristan will do anything to keep Scarlet healthy, even if he suffers immensely. Gabriel is eh to me, romance-wise. I feel horrible for what he has to go through because of the curse, not knowing love without Scarlet, but they have no spark, flame, or fire. I want Gabriel to find someone that fills the hole in his heart… like maybe Heather? She’s very open-minded, taking the whole curse thing in stride. It was pretty impressive. She definitely brings comedic relief to a dire situation. Laura, oh Laura. WHY?!The 3rd person, multiple POV’s work wonders for this book! I loved being able to get inside of Tristan and Gabriel’s head, as well as Scarlet’s. I adored that Chelsea included the back-story of Tristan, Scarlet, and Gabriel’s past, how they met, fell in love, and how the curse really began. It made everything more heartbreaking, but wonderful. The romance is just as hot as ever, especially when Scarlet regains a spicy memory of Tristan and her while they are together, alone, in a small, secluded house. That was definitely my favorite scene. I think you’ll agree!I absolutely am super excited to get my greedy little hands on Avow, the final installment. Look at the beautiful cover HERE! If you don’t read this series, you are most definitely missing out on one of the most original and amazing series I have ever read! I’m sure y’all will agree!Rating: 5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)