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The Elite - Kiera Cass This book is so very special to me because it was the first ARC I ever received. I squeeed when I got it, especially after the ending of The Selection. As much as I loved The Selection (see review here), this installment was even better.America is still in the competition to become Queen of Illea. But her heart remains torn between Prince Maxon and Aspen. When she finally is about to make a permanent decision, her world is torn from under her. Now she is as confused as ever. Meanwhile, the violent rebels continue to attack the palace and cause even more stress on the participants and the competition. America needs to figure out where her lies or she could end up without a happily ever after.I’ve always liked America. I think she is strong willed, and I love her sense of independence. She is for sure not a whiny girl who needs a boy to lean on. Perhaps the best part about her is her unwillingness to be like everyone else that is part of the Elite. She is not a suck up, nor does she ever plan on changing herself just to win. It’s easy to see why Maxon is smitten with her rather than the other girls.Maxon is so very kind-hearted and adorably sweet. He’s had my heart from the moment America kneed him in an uncomfortable area. He, or rather his actions, are definitely misunderstood in this sequel, but I always had faith in him. Maxon is one of the good boys that I have fallen in love with. I mean, usually the bad boys win my heart but not in this case. He is a complete gentleman and oh, I felt so bad for him in a couple instances.Goodness I really don’t like Aspen. I hate how he dropped America like a bad habit and then expected her to love him fully again. You can’t pick and choose what time it is convenient to be with a certain person. Nope nope nope. I’ve grown to absolutely loathe the king. Not an okay man. The queen is pretty sweet though. I like her. Marlee is still my favorite contestant in the Elite. She’s funny and most definitely the nicest person besides America still in the running.The plot has the similar feel that The Selection did. It’s not totally actiony, but in this case, it works. The catty girl fights and the rebel attacks and the swoony balls were makes for the perfect plot. The writing was pretty good, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to America’s thoughts. The romance was once again the highlight of the story. Maxon and America’s relationship developed a lot, and I loved every second of it. They have a great understanding of each other, and although their relationship is publicized to the entire country and part of a competition, it is very very real. Aspen can basically go away for all I care. :)If I haven’t said it before, I absolutely love this series! And as a great plus, the covers are freakin’ beautiful and some of my favorites ever. The Elite comes out this month, so you won’t have to wait much longer!Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: It was a fire, burning slowly from the inside out. We shifted, sliding so I was on the floor and (name removed) was above me. He ran his nose along my jawline, down my neck, across my shoulder, and kissed the same path back to my lips. I kept running my fingers through his hair. It was so soft, it almost tickled my palms.(This is from an uncorrected proof, so this quote is subject to change! I also didn’t want to spoil you at all, so I removed the name!)Rating: 5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)