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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole Oh. My. Goodness. I have no words for how absolutely amazing this book was. I will attempt to put together a coherent review for all to read so y’all can understand the extent of its perfectness.Evie, after living a life of luxury in a gigantic Louisiana mansion, is left with next to nothing other than sad memories, horrific hallucinations, and Jackson Deveaux to guide her through the wreckage of the world after the Flash. The Flash that she envisioned happening and that world she dreamt she could save. Jack, the irritating, annoying, and seductive boy that happened to make Evie’s heart beat erratically. With his help, Evie can venture to the Outer Banks, North Carolina to find her grandmother to finally get answers to the meaning of her strange visions. Along the way, they meet different people, to say the least, who have special powers just like Evie. But can they be trusted?Evie is a bit annoying at first because she is all about material things and making a good appearance. She denies what is in her heart and her blood to prove things to her, quite frankly, horny and unfaithful boyfriend. As the novel progresses, especially after the Flash, she womans up and takes responsibility for her life and becomes very likeable and relatable. She really grew up quickly, and it is really admirable.JACKSON! My newest book boyfriend! I absolutely adored him. He speaks Cajun French, which is surprisingly really freaking hot. He is loyal and perceptive, and there is so much depth to his character. He is formidable and strong and will go to the ends of the earth to protect Evie. He is so yummy and kind, and I cannot express my deep love for this boy. Matthew was an interesting character because it was hard to understand exactly everything he said. It was like he spoke in code meant only for him to decipher. Selena, who also had the hots for Jackson, was gorgeous and a kick-ass archer. Evie and her clearly did not see eye to eye, as the jealously bug loomed over every encounter. I did not care for Selena very much. Finn, who we do not meet until the last quarter of the book, definitely stirred things up between the group. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with him in the second installment.The plot and premise of the book was so damn unique, unlike anything else I have read before. 22 kids have been chosen to personify characters on Tarot cards to simulate a battle between good and evil. Between the present action, there was foreshadowing of the end from one of the villian’s POV. The plot kept me engaged from the first page. Not only did the plot draw me in, but the writing had me hooked as well. Cole’s writing is enchanting and wonderful. The romance was so smoking hot, I almost burnt my hands on the page. They clearly have chemistry, and although they don’t want to admit it, they want each other very badly. It was played out perfectly, and I adored every second of their witty banter and the steamy moments between them. That dang cliffhanger made me cry because I do not want to wait for October(!!!!) for the next book, Endless Knight. This book was so amazing, I read it in one sitting and stayed up pretty late finishing it. I couldn’t stop even if I had wanted to. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a unique series with a sexy guy and a headstrong heroine.Favorite Swoon-worthy Quote: He felt perfect…the kiss, right. He parted his lips, coaxing me to do the same. Once I did, he leisurely stroked his tongue against mine…and again. Relaxed, wicked flicks. Energy filled me, pleasure radiating. This was addicting – nothing meh about it. Our tongues tangled, over and over, until I couldn’t stop a moan. I wanted more of him. I wanted this never to end. I needed more.Rating: 5/5 Tar Heels!See more reviews at www.tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com! :)